Slide background DELIVERING VALUE IN A DEMANDING ENVIRONMENT "Poor estimation during the planning phase continues to be
the largest contributor to project failures"
The third global survey on the current state of project management -PwC
Slide background BACK TO BASICS:
"High-performing organizations waste about 13 times less money than low performers"
Capturing the Value of Project Management -Project Management Institute
Slide background BUSINESS IMPERATIVES: GETTING THE FUNDAMENTALS RIGHT "Highly agile organizations have significantly better project
outcomes compared to their counterparts with low agility"
Capturing the Value of Project Management -Project Management Institute

About our Company

Advantum Solutions is provider of bespoke IT Project Management Consulting and high-performing WEB Application/Service Development.

- Located in London

Meeting the need of growth-hungry businesses

Whether a business in need of external advise on Software Development Process, a fresh approach to managing development costs or a new way of balancing priorities, we are here to help.

Whether an established enterprise or a small start-up, our personalized service will help you to address your IT Project needs!